American Domestic Terrorism

Although Western media has programmed us all to automatically associate terrorism with Islam, terrorism is certainly not under sole proprietorship of extremist so-called ‘Muslims’.  In fact, Christian terrorism is alive and well in the US to this day, in the form of several different organizations.  The abortion clinic bombings and murders of doctors and staff (one such murder occurred just last year: Dr. Tiller was gunned down while he was in church, of all places) are good examples of present-day Christian extremism.

I recently watched a documentary chronicling one Christian extremist group closely involved with many of the bombings and murders that took place in the 1990s.  It’s very interesting to see how they justify killing others for the sake of God, and even how they apply a great deal of psychological pressure one young member in particular to engage in violence.

I’ll post it here so you can watch it for yourselves:


8 thoughts on “American Domestic Terrorism

  1. I think it safe to say that criminal scum aren’t representative of any religion. I don’t care how well the KKK can quote the Bible–they’re not Christian. Likewise, I don’t care how many members of Al-Qaeda have memorized the Qur’an, they’re no more Muslim than Hugh Hefner.

    Thanks for the link. Salaam!

    • Wasalaam Saladin! My thoughts exactly. Extremism creeps into every religion, organization or group, and should never be looked at as the norm or as being representative of that particular belief system. Either we refer to all terrorists by their alleged belief system, or we don’t at all, regardless of which religion they claim to ascribe to. We need to be fair and, as Jesus (as) (as well as Prophet Muhammad [saws]) said, treat others how we would like to be treated.

  2. Somehow, the public only seems to take notice when “they” themselves are being targetted…. or when they think that they are being targeted. How short sided. I think that one of the problems is that: I, as a Christian do not have to defend myself. Most all know that those who are killing are not obeying Christ’s teachings — no matter the rhetoric that they spew. It is just assumed that if you find someone: like this guy, who is killing abortion doctors: common sense would make you look at me, your friend, and say: “Surely, he practices a different Christianity than my friend.” Unfortunately, Muslims have to defend their idiology. …. at least, here in America. Maybe this is because not much is known about Islam and what ppl think they know, if usually wrong. It is easy to be afraid of what you don’t know. Every human has that “us and them” mentality. And, it shifts between nationality, color, socioeconomic status and religion. That barrier seems to be more important than even friendships.

    • Part of that’s historical, the oft-repeated view of Islam being spread by the sword. Someone says it, others remember it, and so no one thinks twice about Muslims being capable of atrocity. Much of that will be changed as Muslims engage and educate the cultures they live in. The more we share, the more others will realize there are few things that separate us, particularly in the US. It comes through dialogue and exchange, such as that facilitated by Sakina! Salaam!

      • Wasalaam Saladin,

        Yes, there have been many falsehoods attributed to Prophet Muhammad (saws) and early Islam, and unfortunately, people seem to rarely investigate these claims for themselves by going to the source (yet those of us who do end up converting, lol). And yes, we should all be actively doing our part to inform others of the real Islam and to dispel myths and disinformation.

    • Hi Jamily,

      You make a good point in that it is easier for people in the US to separate Christian extremism from mainstream Christians as they come in regular contact with them and are prominent in the media. In contrast, many people aren’t exposed to Muslims (or don’t realize who the Muslims are around them), and the media usually only promotes negative images of Muslims, so it’s easier for people to classify Muslims as the dehumanized ‘other’, the enemy.

    • Btw Jamily, I re-read your comment and realized you mentioned being a Christian – are you a Christian or were you just using that as an example? Just curious! 🙂

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